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  1. This Employment Privacy Policy Statement (the “Statement”) sets out the practices that CTC Global Sdn Bhd (the “Company”, “we”, “us” or “our” as the case may be) will follow with respect to the collection, use and/or disclosure of employment personal data.
  2. This Statement should be read in conjunction with the Company’s Employee Handbook and Personal Data Protection Policy, which set out the procedures, measures and/or processes that you as an employee of the Company should take to comply with the PDPA. This Statement and the Company’s Employee Handbook and Personal Data Protection Policy form part of the terms of your employment contract with the Company. Any breach of this Statement and the Company’s Employee Handbook and Personal Data Protection Policy will be taken seriously and may result in disciplinary action against you including possible termination.
  3. We may collect, use, disclose, maintain, access, process and/or transfer personal data of our employees, including but not limited to all information given by you when you joined us and which was collected in the course of your employment, in accordance with this Statement. The provision of your personal data is necessary but voluntary unless you are instructed otherwise. However, if you do not provide your personal data, the Company may not be able to (i) communicate with you; (ii) comply with obligations required by applicable laws, e.g. EPF contribution, SOCSO and other statutory bodies.
  4. We need to collect, use, disclose, maintain, access, process and/or transfer employee personal data as may be necessary to carry out administrative and employment related functions summarised as follows: -
    1. reporting to our Japan head office for various internal audit purposes such as (i) carrying out audits on the sales business incentive, sales commission, and annual management incentive of the employees of the Company; and (ii) facilitating our Japan Head office’s carrying out of business cost management of the Company, such as review of salary and annual wage supplement.
    2. carrying out our group-related reporting purposes including but not limited to reporting on salary of employees, employee performance reviews and achievements, data analysis including benchmarking of salary scales, administering, and dealing with disciplinary proceedings in relation to any misconduct or unlawful conduct of employees, processing and/or administering internal secondments/transfers of employees between affiliates.
    3. restructuring, regionalisation, re-organisation, and shared services support within the company and/or between affiliates organisations.
    4. integrating internal IT systems between our affiliated organisations
    5. responding to, considering and/or investigating any alleged or actual fraud, misconduct, or unlawful conduct within the Company as reported by a whistle-blower of the Company.
    6. managing or terminating your employment and/or working relationship with us, including for recruitment and training, employment benefits, payroll, and income tax administration, applying and renewing work passes, performance appraisal, insurance (including but not limited to the CTC Group Insurance Scheme), personal and career development.
    7. record-keeping purposes including keeping copies of your medical records.
    8. processing, facilitating and making arrangements for your accommodation or business travels.
    9. administering and organising social events and activities planned by the social committee
    10. facilitating communication with you or your nominated contacts in an emergency.
    11. managing our infrastructure and business operations, including disclosure and processing necessary for us to conduct our business, including but not limited to applications for corporate loans, responding to third-party requests pursuant to contractual requirements, third-party background checks required for government-related projects or other sensitive projects, reference checks, engaging of IT outsourcing or payroll companies.
    12. complying with legal or regulatory obligations or our internal policies and procedures.
    13. investigating any alleged or actual fraud, misconduct, or unlawful conduct within the Company and/or the Company’s other group companies.
    14. carrying out due diligence or other monitoring or screening activities (including background checks) in accordance with legal or regulatory obligations or risk management procedures that may be required by law or that may have been put in place by us.
    15. responding to requests for information from public and governmental / regulatory authorities, statutory boards and for audit, compliance, investigation, and inspection purposes.
    16. responding to legal process, pursuing legal rights and remedies, defending litigation, and managing any complaints or claims.
    17. storage, hosting back-up and disaster recovery.
    18. carrying out and performing our obligations in our contracts with current / potential project partners and/or customers, which may require exchanging of personal data with staff with such counterparties.
    19. administrative purposes such as to process the delivery of parcels to employees or the sending of cheques to past employees.
    The Company will seek your separate consent for any other purposes which do not fall within the categories stated above.
  5. The personal data may be held on local, regional, or global databases.
  6. The personal data may be used, disclosed, maintained, accessed, processed and/or transferred to the following, whether sited in Malaysia or outside of Malaysia by the necessary persons in the organisations listed below performing their stated functions for the purposes set out in paragraph 4:
    1. our Japanese head office, associated organisations or related organisations.
    2. any member of the ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC) group of companies.
    3. the Company’s professional advisors or service providers.
    4. legal process participants and their advisors,
    5. other financial institutions.
    6. public and governmental / regulatory authorities, statutory boards, insurance providers, and industry associations.
    7. courts and other alternative dispute forums.
    8. any third-party in connection with any proposed or actual reorganisation, merger, sale, joint venture, assignment, transfer or other disposition or all or any portion of the Company’s business, assets or stock (including in connection with any bankruptcy or similar proceedings); and
    9. shareholders.
  7. In addition, it is our policy to retain certain personal data of employees when they cease to be employed by us. Such personal data may be required for any residual employment-related activities in relation to a former employee including, but not limited to provision of references, processing applications for re-employment, matters relating to retirement benefits and allowing us to fulfil contractual or statutory obligations.
  8. The Company may require you to provide from time to time, the personal data of other individuals such as your next of kin or dependents, for administering and/or managing your employment relationship with us, such as but not limited to contacting such individuals for emergency purposes; declaration of conflict of interest or processing any corporate group insurance scheme. You hereby represent and warrant that where you provide the personal data of such individuals to us that you are validly acting on their behalf and have obtained their consent to disclose their personal data to us for the purposes for which we will be collecting and will be using their personal data.
  9. We assure you that your personal data is treated as confidential, retained securely, and would be accessed, disclosed to and used only by such employees of the Company or listed in paragraph 6 as may be necessary to perform the functions set out in paragraph 4 above.
  10. Please ensure that you provide complete and accurate personal data to us and keep us updated on any changes to your personal data. Kindly note that if you do not provide complete and accurate personal data to us as and when it is required, it may result in serious consequences for you and your employment relationship with us.
  11. Please note that notwithstanding your withdrawal of consent to any of the above purposes, we reserve our rights to rely on any statutory exemptions and/or exceptions to collect, use and disclose your personal data.

I have read and fully understand the contents of the Employment Privacy Policy Statement and hereby authorise and consent to CTC Global Sdn Bhd collecting, using, disclosing, maintaining, accessing, processing, and/or transferring my personal data in accordance with the above purposes as stated in the Employment Privacy Policy Statement.
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IMPORTANT NOTE: CTC GLOBAL respects your privacy and will only use the information collected for the purpose of recruitment and employment in CTC. CTC will not disclose this information or use this information for any other purpose. This Employment Application Form will be destroyed within twelve (12) months unless your application is successful and you are or will be employed by CTC.
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I hereby declare that all the information provided in this Employment Application Form is to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct. I understand and agree that CTC may process my data in accordance with applicable local laws and that CTC may transfer my data to other CTC locations worldwide (subject to applicable laws). I hereby consent to and authorize CTC to perform reference checks/ criminal checks on my employment background (including education qualifications, professional certifications and remuneration packages) with my previous employers and other professional bodies (where applicable) and to the disclosure of my personal data to such organizations/ persons. All information provided on this application form and attached CV must be complete, true, correct and to the best of your knowledge. Should any of the declared information be found to be false or not declared/disclosed , you shall be liable for disqualification or dismissal, if appointed, and the willful suppression of any material fact will be similarly penalized. Any appointments/contract of employment, shall be regarded as null and void and the company reserves the right to recover the value of any salaries, benefits, and payments made to you during this period.
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