Code of Conduct

We at CTC will endeavor to fulfill our corporate social responsibility in accordance with the “CTC Group philosophy”, and always conduct ourselves with a strong sense of ethics and responsibility based on an understanding of the code set forth below.

1. Full Commitment to Compliance

We will comply with all domestic and foreign laws and regulations; and conduct ourselves sensibly and sincerely while observing common and good sense of society and internal company rules.

2. Offering of Services and Products Useful to the World

We will investigate, find and offer cutting-edge IT services and products from all over the world, and make wide-ranging contributions to the development of society by furthering the computerization of socio-economic systems.

3. Fair Trade and Prevention of Corruption

We will run our business in a way that is fair, transparent and free competition, and strive ceaselessly to prevent corruption while maintaining sound and appropriate relationships with the government and political bodies and with customers.

4. Strict Management of Information

We will place customer information, personal information, and other information under strict control, and properly handle this information with the utmost care to ensure that it is protected.

5. Creation of a Work Environment with Respect for Human Rights

We will push ahead with work style reforms and create a work environment where all employees find purpose in their work. At the same time, we will respect human rights, human dignity, individuality, and diversity, never tolerate any form of harassment, and foster a free and attractive corporate culture that enables employees to express their creativity.

6. Considerations for a Sustainable Environment

In our daily business activities, we will positively strive to promote transactions that give consideration to reducing the consumption of energy and resources, cutting waste emissions, and addressing environmental issues in an effort to achieve harmony with the global environment.

7. Contribution to Society

We will recognize that we are a corporate citizen and proactively engage in activities that contribute to society.

8. Standing against Antisocial Forces and Organizations

We will take a resolute stand against and reject any connection with antisocial forces and organizations that threaten social order or safety and sound corporate conduct, regardless of whether they are individuals or groups.

9. Reporting and Preventing the Recurrence of Violations

In the event we discover any acts that violate compliance or carelessly commit such acts on our own, we will swiftly report these acts to our immediate supervisors or to the helpline, and work to prevent their recurrence.

10. Taking the Initiative and Setting Good Examples

Executives and managers will take the initiative and set good examples of how to put this code into practice and promote their subordinates’ thorough awareness of this code. Should any violation occur, they will work to investigate the causes, resolve issues and implement the best possible measures to prevent their recurrence.
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