Customer Pain Points


Digital Transformation Process Intensified: Digital innovation drives success


Lagging Infrastructure

  • On-prem infrastructure is facing performance and scale issues
  • Multiple public clouds are out of control with fragmented security and management complexity
  • “Stitched infrastructure” is not a scalable long-term solution

Faster Time to Market: Agility and rapid innovation is critical


IT Agility Out of Reach

  • IT team spends most of its time on lifecycle management and keeping the lights on
  • Speed of application development is crucial, yet IT is lagging behind
  • Team lacks a common developer- and administrator-friendly platform

Customer Satisfaction: Delight customers in new ways without breaking the budget


Ballooning Infrastructure Cost

  • It’s extremely costly to scale and manage legacy infrastructure
  • Public cloud billings are often larger than expected
  • Specialized skill sets are not easy or cheap to find

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Source: VMware VCF Solution – PDC 2020

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